Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just Begin

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You are the main act.
The stage is yours.
Take center stage.
The stage is set.
Tell your story.
Tell it well.
All you have to do is begin.
The words will unravel from your heart once you start to speak.
The trembling will cease.
The butterflies will leave your belly and carry you.
Your voice will no longer falter.
Your words will release with ease.
They will be crisp and concise.
Your story.
The story your soul has longed to tell.
The release will exhilarate you.
You will feel refreshed and renewed.
This is your day to shine.
Your light will become brighter with each verbal expression.
The words will flow like silk.
You are becoming.
This is who you are.
And what you will become.
Feel your magnificence.
Rest in it.
Bathe in it.
You are a beautiful soul.
Watch the light radiant from within.
This is your time.
All yours.
Just begin.

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