Sunday, March 31, 2013

She Rises Series :: March

February's She Rises Series can be viewed here.

She rises with a sense of purpose.

...and plants the seed.

...and is seen.

...and dances to the music in her heart.

...and blooms where she was planted.

...and smiles.

...with the sweetest memories.

...with a need for self-discovery.

...with the sun. a day of meditation.

...and is as delicate as a rose.

...with those who are wise.

...and dreams a little dream.

...and listens to her hearts true desire.

...and acknowledges that she is on her own path.

...with the changing seasons.

...with glamour.

...and embraces the journey.

...and seeks romance.

...and makes space to relax + regenerate.

...and lives a colorful life.


...and seeks inner strength.

...and is unafraid of her own passion. manifest her hearts desires.

...inspired by the feminine, bohemian styles of yesterday.

...and spreads love.


Easter Goodness

Happy Easter!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quote - Space

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My work is giving space to the creative spirit—learning to get out of its way and be in its service at the same time.  ~Gabrielle Roth

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I’ve been dreaming a lot here lately.

Dreaming about the possibilities that my future could hold. Sometimes I’m afraid to dream because I don’t always feel that I deserve for my dreams to come true.


I’m in a better place now and I know that I’m worthy of more than I give myself credit for. My dreams are possible. There is such beautiful magic in believing your dreams can come true.

I am worthy.

The possibilities are endless when we begin to believe.

I am worthy of my dreams coming true.



Monday, March 25, 2013

Quote - Forgiveness

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Forgiveness does not mean that what happened was okay. It simply means that we are no longer willing to allow that experience to adversely affect our lives. Forgiveness is something we do, ultimately, for ourselves.  ~Christiane Northrup

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vulnerability in action

I opened myself up today and allowed myself to be vulnerable. Wow, I feel so sore and naked. Things could have gone either way. It could have turned out good and then I would have relaxed into that vulnerability but it didn’t. It didn’t go well and now I’m stripped bare. Open. Wounded. I know these uncomfortable feelings won’t last but with the freshness of it, I’m feeling the need to cocoon myself briefly to heal my wounds.

I don’t feel bad about opening myself up. It could have gone the other way in which I would have lost out had I not allowed myself to be vulnerable. It’s always a risk but a good risk even if it does occasionally hurt. I’m not going to allow my hurt to push me back into my shell or cause me to lean away from future (possible) thrown punches. This hurt is part of the risk but if you don’t take that risk you miss the chance of the outcome being joy.

I choose joy even if the risk is hurt.

Thank you, universe, for this valuable lesson.


Quote - Sanctuary

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Treat your personal space as a sanctuary.  ~Camille Maurine

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daring Greatly

If you haven’t had a chance to catch Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday episode with Dr. Brene Brown you are missing out. You can view the full episode of Part I here. Wow, I was blown away!

Brene’s previous book, The Gifts of Imperfection spoke to the core of my soul and the video has inspired me to read her new book Daring Greatly. She did a read-along on her blog a few months ago which I’m following along with now that I picked up her book. You can access those posts here.

For several days now I’ve pondering something that she said in the Oprah interview that really got my attention. She was talking about when we lose our tolerance to be vulnerable, joy becomes foreboding. When things are going well in our life we start thinking, “Uh oh. Life is good so when’s the ball going to drop?” We can’t accept the joy in our lives because we’re always expecting something bad to happen. Why can’t we just be happy and joyful? Why do we assume something bad will happen when things are going well? Holy crap, I always do that! I never accept the gift of joy because is my mind I feel it’s too good to be true. I’m too happy, put on the brakes because the ride is about to get bumpy!

I look forward to reading more about this when I get to that section in the book. My guess is that it goes back to not feeling worthy (scarcity) of having a joyous life which is an area of my life I’m working on. This means allowing myself to be vulnerable in order to work through these hurt places. Leaning into the discomfort in order to heal these feelings of inadequacy so that I can dare greatly to live an abundant and rich life of peace and joy.

Have you read Daring Greatly? What were the biggest takeaways from this book, or the Oprah episode, for you?


To Be Seen

These same words have appeared to me multiple times recently. To be seen. What does this mean? People can see me, right? I’m not invisible. Or am I? There are times when I feel like people are looking right through me or that they don’t see the real me. They see what is only outwardly visible but rarely take the time to see the inward me, the soul of me.

I took a moment to look up the word “see” in the dictionary:

- To perceive with the eyes; look at.

No, that’s not it. I think people can visually perceive me.

- To view; visit or attend as a spectator: to see a play.

No, not that one either.

- To perceive (things) mentally; discern; understand.

There it is! That’s the one! I want people to mentally see me, to discern or recognize who I really am, the “me” under all the layers.

I’ve spent most of my life not wanting to be seen, wishing to remain a wallflower as not to attract too much attention to myself. I never feel the need to be the center of attention. Yet I also would like to be seen for who I truly am. Not the person you see at first glance and not the person you think you see. There is an inner me that few people get to see. She is hidden under many layers of masks and camouflage. The layers can only be viewed by the few who take the time to discover the hidden gem within me.

That’s the part of me that I want the world to see.

To be seen.

As I truly am.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Quote - Seasons

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In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
~Albert Camus

Sunday, March 17, 2013


It's another rainy day here which makes for a perfect day to work on art projects. It's been a while since I created any new lovely ladies so that's what I've been drawn to lately. This girl went from this:

To this:

I made this girl:

And this girl:

I worked in my She Rises book:

And even created a few lovely ladies there too:

I started on my next batch of canvases for the heART 108 series. I've completed 12 and gifted 5 with 3 more being placed tomorrow. This will be # 13:

Have a great day!