Bucket List

Please see Where Did My Hipbones Go? An Updated Bucket List. to see the complete list and the story behind my list.

1) Visit NY(C) - NY Opera - Central Park - Niagara Falls - New Years Eve (watch the ball drop)
2) Visit Italy - Gondola in Venice
3) Step foot on all 7 continents - Backpack thru Europe - Visit a castle - Stroll through Paris at night
4) Visit all 50 states
5) Take a volunteer vacation
6) Retreat to an ashram for 30 days
7) Take a camel ride in the desert.
8) Ride in 1st class on a flight
9) Hike the Grand Canyon
10) Retreat to Kripalu
11) See my hip bones again
12) Learn to headstand (in yoga)
13) Complete a half-marathon
14) Complete yoga instructor training
15) Ride on a zip line
16) Go on a horseback ride
17) Go to a firing range
18) Learn to ballroom dance
19) Take a ballet class
20) Climb a rock wall
21) Get 'ananda' in Sanskrit tattooed on my arm
22) Get published in a Stampington & Company mag
23) Find my soul mate
24) Make a quilt (w/ Donovan's baby clothes)
25) Learn a foreign language
26) Join the Peace Corps
27) Paint by the sea/beach
28) Light and release a floating paper lantern
29) Dedicate a star to my son
30) Rock colorful streaks in my hair (even for just 1 day)
31) Adopt a family for Christmas (anonymously)
32) Create a non-profit
33) Plant a lavender field in my backyard
34) Live in a cottage by the ocean