Friday, March 2, 2012

Where did my hipbones go? An updated bucket list.

If you read my Wishcasting Wednesday post this week then you know that I've been updating my bucket list. I created my first list a few years ago to remind me of the goals I wish to work towards. These aren't your everyday goals like lose 10 lbs, go to the gym, or organize the closet. These goals are more along the lines of dreams you desire to accomplish in this lifetime.

I don't currently have my original bucket list because I created it in one of my art journals so I had to recreate it. Here's a picture of the original list:

So this past week I rewrote it in the art journal I'm currently working in:

After I rewrote the list it just didn't feel right. Some had been accomplished (yea!) and some didn't really apply anymore. A few of them reminded me of how much my heart aches for them. Those are definitely keepers! So I made a new list and here's what I came up with:

I decided to reorganize it so that like items (ex.: travel) are together in a section and similar items are one item with multiple parts (ex.: Visit NYC, go to the NY Opera, go to Central Park, etc.). I also made the first section items that have been completed. Makes the list a bit more motivating! Here are a few items that have been checked off: Visit India, take a cruise, swim with stingrays (I <3 rays!), yoga on the beach, and hike the Rocky Mountains.

One of my main sections is travel because it's something I love and there's so many places I want to see. Here goes!

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1) Visit NY(C) - NY Opera - Central Park - Niagara Falls - New Years Eve (watch the ball drop)
2) Visit Italy - Gondola in Venice
3) Step foot on all 7 continents - Backpack thru Europe - Visit a castle - Stroll through Paris at night
Obviously I've taken care of North America :-) and I can also mark off Asia from going to India and UAE. Europe is high on the list anyway (see above), I could hit up Rio for South America, and take a safari or go to Morocco for Africa, anywhere in Australia would be awesome, and then there's Antarctica. I'll figure that one out later.
4) Visit all 50 states
I've been to half with 25 more to go!
5) Take a volunteer vacation

6) Retreat to an ashram for 30 days
I've been to an ashram before but not to stay. In fact, when I went to India our group of Americans were special guests of Pujya Swamiji at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram. After aarti we went back to the ashram for a special talk with Swamiji.

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7) Take a camel ride in the desert.
8) Ride in 1st class on a flight
I've been on more flights then I can count but have never flown 1st class. :-(
9) Hike the Grand Canyon
10) Retreat to Kripalu

The next section is my "active" section. I debated on putting the first item on the list because I didn't feel it belongs but I need it to happen so that the rest of the list will come easier. I decided to at least make it kind of cute.

11) See my hip bones again
See, cute right?!

image credit
12) Learn to headstand (in yoga)
Honestly, I've gotten away from the yoga a bit but it's something I really desire to have back in my life. Headstand is something I've never been able to do but know if I really focused on it I could do it. Minus the fact that I'm a bit clumsy.
13) Complete a half-marathon
I used to run quite a bit but never for time or distance. I would love to do this. I wouldn't even mind being last as long as I accomplished it. Okay, maybe 2nd to the last.
14) Complete yoga instructor training
Not that I necessarily want to be an instructor but more so to dive deeper.

image credit
15) Ride on a zip line
I finally decided the tiny little one at the park in Nashville didn't count. LOL.
16) Go on a horseback ride
17) Go to a firing range
18) Learn to ballroom dance
19) Take a ballet class
See my note about being clumsy with #12 for this and above.
20) Climb a rock wall

On to my "other" section:

21) Get 'ananda' in Sanskrit tattooed on my arm
Ananda = bliss, also similar to my name
22) Get published in a Stampington & Company mag
Working on this one. That's why I don't have the art journal with the original bucket list.
23) Find my soul mate
This should have been on the top of my list except that I know that my life can be full and complete even if (gasp!) this doesn't happen.
24) Make a quilt (w/ Donovan's baby clothes)
Ok, so I don't even like to sew and have never used a sewing machine but I still saved some of his clothes for this anyway. Maybe I'll get someone else to make it for me...
25) Learn a foreign language

26) Join the Peace Corps
Deep in my heart I feel like this may happen one day.
27) Paint by the sea/beach

image credit
28) Light and release a floating paper lantern
OMG are those gorgeous or what?! In China they're called Kongming lanterns and are released at festivals in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. I debated on this one because of environmental concerns involved and the possibility of the lantern parts being ingested by livestock. The lanterns represent good luck and floating your worries away. I guess they're not such good luck for farmers and cows.
29) Dedicate a star to my son

image credit
30) Rock colorful streaks in my hair (even for just 1 day)
I did rock some sweet braids while in the Bahamas!
31) Adopt a family for Christmas (anonymously)
32) Create a non-profit

image credit
33) Plant a lavender field in my backyard

image credit
34) Live in a cottage by the ocean
A completely shabby chic sweet cottage.

There are other items that I debated on putting on the list like watch my son graduate, get married, and see my first grandchild but those are not things within my control. Not that #23 is either but I felt odd for not putting it in on there. Originally #3 was visit all countries but I had to be realistic and changed it to continents. And anyway, this list is subject to be updated in a few years.

I'd love for you to share some items from your bucket list!


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I LOVE your list! So inspiring.

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Have you heard of it is a place for bucket lists baby!