Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nothing But the Truth

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There are two important truths in life that I want to remind you of:

1) You cannot control others

You are not a master puppeteer. You may influence others but control them you may not.

Of course, suggestions are always helpful. And it never hurts to wish.

2) You cannot control everything

Not everything is within your control. You may try to orchestrate as much of your life as you can but there will always be a few things that are not within your control. Accidents happen and illness happens as does many other scenarios. These will never be within your reach and they will always be at the most inconvenient times, if there is a convenient time for these things. :-)

Even if you try, it may lead you to much frustration, a headache from banging your head against the wall, and unkindness to those you hold dear. Accept it and let it go.

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