Friday, March 23, 2012

Life is like a roller coaster...

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Life is like a roller coaster and I wish someone would let me off this crazy ride. At times it seems unbearable yet others I’m having the time of my life. Today it’s too much. Too much meddling and gossip that I need to back away from. It’s just not healthy for me to be consumed by the negative energy of others. 

It’s also not right for others to take advantage of my thoughtfulness and helpfulness. I’ve heard that it’s an asset but sometimes I think it’s a weakness. Or a curse. I never doubt that kindness is the answer but being exploited is not the way. Neither is nitpicking. It’s critical, negative, and just plain hurtful. Every now and then I start to wish that I didn’t care as much but I know that’s not who I am. This highly sensitive person was created this way for a reason. After all, there’s a reason for everything, right? 

And so the ride continues and I must either enjoy it or be defeated by it. I refuse to accept defeat because – kindness always wins.


Cindi said...

kindness ALWAYS wins.

Kim Mailhot said...

As a highly sensitive person like you, I have struggled many a time with this feeling of being "abused" or "taken for granted". But like you, I know that our way of being, of giving that extra bit of kindness and love that the world needs so desperately, is our purpose on this Earth.
You are needed, Amanda, so very much. And you are loved deeply. It may not always look the the way you want it to, but those waves of love you put out are making there way right back to you.
I am grateful you are in the world at the same time as me.
Happy weekend, Beautiful !