Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Favorite Things - Vintage

1) Floral fabric bunting from Little Kitten Homemade

2) Softie handmade owls from Wassup Brothers

3) Patchwork throw from The Pink Palace

4) Cottage style apron from Tallulah Sophie

5) Half apron from Jane's Apron

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Inner Excavate-along :: Chapter 5

Inner Excavate-Along
Chapter 5 :: I Look Closer

Studio Prompt: Portrait of You

Photo Prompt: Reflections and Shadows

Writing Prompt: Find a Poem for This Day

Two Sonnets in Memory
by Edna St.Vincent Millay
(Part I)

As men have loved their lovers in times past,
And sung their wit, their virtue and their grace,
So have we loved sweet Justice to the last,
Who now lies here in an unseemly place.
The child will quit the cradle and grow wise
And stare on beauty till his senses drown;
Yet shall be seen no more by mortal eyes
Such beauty as here walked and here went down.
Like birds that hear the winter crying plain
Her courtiers leave to seek the clement south;
Many have praised her, we alone remain
To break a fist against the lying mouth
Of any man who says this was not so:
Though she be dead now, as indeed we know.

Writing Prompt: A Self Reflection

The curly locks softly descend unto her face framing her features. The green cat-eyes open wide to inspect the misplace tendril. She intensely examines the lock and begins to tuck it behind her dainty ear sweeping it swiftly into place. Her agile fingers momentarily swipe her dangling hoop earring of polished sterling silver. The refined hoops swiftly sway from the fleeting movement. Her glaze shifts from the earrings to her arched eyebrows. They are as dark as night and contrast well with her shimmering eyes. She purses her cherry-red lips and notices the natural fullness as they softly protrude. They are supple and curvy. She glances at the slight protruding of her cheeks and the ample roundness of her face. After tossing her reflection a brief, knowing smile she commences her day with awareness.


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Quote - Courage

image credit
Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.  ~BrenĂ© Brown

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inner Excavate-along :: Chapter 4

Inner Excavate-Along
Chapter 4 :: I See Me

Photo Prompt: Where I Stand

Writing Prompt: What Contrast Uncovers

They see…a quiet, introspective girl.
I am…dancing in a field of daisies.
The world sees…deadlines and numbers crunching.
I feel…like a rainbow of swirling colors.
They expect…conformity and late hours.
I wish…to flutter as freely as a butterfly.
They want…shades of grey.
I want…vivid, bold colors dripping and spattering.
I am…like no other.
I know…who I am.

Writing Prompt: Giving Voice to the Body

Her eyes have seen…more hurt and heartbreak than any one person should ever see. Sadness and despair. Wishing and longing. Empty promises and broken dreams. Sniffling and tears. But she also sees beauty that most would overlook and kindness in unlikely places. Unexpected hugs and concern from strangers. Thoughtful, compassionate souls with nothing to gain. She still believes, she still believes.


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inner Excavate-Along :: Chapter 3

Inner Excavate-Along
Chapter 3 :: I Gather
Photo Prompt: Seeing with Eyes Wide Open

What nourishes me?

Writing Prompt: Poem Notes

I am…
Whispers in the dark
Dancing in the rain
Hair in a ponytail
Barefoot and flip-flops
Casual and comfort
Camera in hand, paintbrush in the other
Sandcastles and ocean waves
Collector of words
Rainy day reader
An explorer of the globe
Finder of quiet space
Carrier of a brave heart
Like no other

Because someone has to do it
Because it matters
Because I believe in it
Because it encourages others
Because it puts a smile on my face
Because it reflects who I truly am
Because I feel it within
Because it’s my wish
Because it must be created
Because I’m passionate about it
Because it uncovers an intimate part of me
Because it should be expressed
Because I know

Photo Prompt: On the Ground

Writing Prompt: Word Toolbox
Writing Prompt: Living Your Envisioned Home

My Altar


Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Favorite Things - Art Prints

1) Cloud Carrier print from Alli Coate

2) Wild Air print from Mae Chevrette

3) Happiness print from JooJoo

4) Never give up print from JooJoo

5) Choose your own path print from Small Talk Studio

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