Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inner Excavate-Along :: Chapter 3

Inner Excavate-Along
Chapter 3 :: I Gather
Photo Prompt: Seeing with Eyes Wide Open

What nourishes me?

Writing Prompt: Poem Notes

I am…
Whispers in the dark
Dancing in the rain
Hair in a ponytail
Barefoot and flip-flops
Casual and comfort
Camera in hand, paintbrush in the other
Sandcastles and ocean waves
Collector of words
Rainy day reader
An explorer of the globe
Finder of quiet space
Carrier of a brave heart
Like no other

Because someone has to do it
Because it matters
Because I believe in it
Because it encourages others
Because it puts a smile on my face
Because it reflects who I truly am
Because I feel it within
Because it’s my wish
Because it must be created
Because I’m passionate about it
Because it uncovers an intimate part of me
Because it should be expressed
Because I know

Photo Prompt: On the Ground

Writing Prompt: Word Toolbox
Writing Prompt: Living Your Envisioned Home

My Altar


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Eden said...

You have such a fun and inspiring blog! I'm inspired by your quote collection, especially Brene....I'll be back :)