Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inner Excavate-along :: Chapter 4

Inner Excavate-Along
Chapter 4 :: I See Me

Photo Prompt: Where I Stand

Writing Prompt: What Contrast Uncovers

They see…a quiet, introspective girl.
I am…dancing in a field of daisies.
The world sees…deadlines and numbers crunching.
I feel…like a rainbow of swirling colors.
They expect…conformity and late hours.
I wish…to flutter as freely as a butterfly.
They want…shades of grey.
I want…vivid, bold colors dripping and spattering.
I am…like no other.
I know…who I am.

Writing Prompt: Giving Voice to the Body

Her eyes have seen…more hurt and heartbreak than any one person should ever see. Sadness and despair. Wishing and longing. Empty promises and broken dreams. Sniffling and tears. But she also sees beauty that most would overlook and kindness in unlikely places. Unexpected hugs and concern from strangers. Thoughtful, compassionate souls with nothing to gain. She still believes, she still believes.


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GraceGal said...

I love the picture standing on the books and your poetry is beautiful.