Thursday, March 29, 2012

Juicy ebooks, Part IV

See Part I & II & III.

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~ The Little Book of Comfort by Blessing Manifesting + many other ebooks, posters, wallpapers, & worksheets
~ Unravelling The Year Ahead workbook by Susannah Conway
~ The Nourishing Wisdom Workbook by Nourishing Our Radiance (Melissa Geiger & Natalia KW)
~ The Inspired Way by Ariane Hunter & Kate Watson
~ Our Butterfly and Your Life. Your Mirror. by My Mosaic Life
~ What Matters Now by Seth Godin 
~ Peace, Love, Connection by Tess Marshall
~ Creative Journaling Basics by Andrea Schroeder + a couple more ebooks, meditations, & dreamy vids
~ A Fragrant Journey: Aromatherapy for the Soul by A Peaceful Path

::Worth Every Penny::
~ Spring Blessings  (ebook + workbook) by Blessing Manifesting

Happy reading!

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