Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vulnerability in action

I opened myself up today and allowed myself to be vulnerable. Wow, I feel so sore and naked. Things could have gone either way. It could have turned out good and then I would have relaxed into that vulnerability but it didn’t. It didn’t go well and now I’m stripped bare. Open. Wounded. I know these uncomfortable feelings won’t last but with the freshness of it, I’m feeling the need to cocoon myself briefly to heal my wounds.

I don’t feel bad about opening myself up. It could have gone the other way in which I would have lost out had I not allowed myself to be vulnerable. It’s always a risk but a good risk even if it does occasionally hurt. I’m not going to allow my hurt to push me back into my shell or cause me to lean away from future (possible) thrown punches. This hurt is part of the risk but if you don’t take that risk you miss the chance of the outcome being joy.

I choose joy even if the risk is hurt.

Thank you, universe, for this valuable lesson.


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