Friday, June 22, 2012

Leave it buried

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Do you ever suddenly start thinking about someone from your past? A person you haven’t had contact with in many years – 20 to be exact. That’s where I’m at this week. Reminiscing on a long ago boyfriend, wondering what he’s doing now, and how his life has been. I have no idea why he suddenly popped into my head but he’s been there all week. Google searches will tell you much but not the complete story. 

It’s funny when you’re reminiscing that you tend to recall the happy memories. When you dig a bit deeper you begin to recall the not so good memories, the ones that remind you why you’re no longer together. It’s fascinating that we bury so many memories but they can begin to emerge when you least expect it.

Well, there’s a reason they call the past, “the past” and it’s generally much better for it to stay there. There’s no use digging up old skeletons when they should stay buried.


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