Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is there hope for the brokenhearted?

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I know, all too well, the story of the brokenhearted. I’ve played out the scenes many times. In fact, I may have even written the script.

It’s never easy when things come to an end. Picking up the pieces of your heart and trying to put the jigsaw puzzle pieces back together. The pieces never fit back quite the same.

I often relate breakups to dealing with a death. Yes, the death of a loved one is terrible, tragic, and gut-wrenching; I don’t mean to take that lightly. But all the same, a breakup means a loss in your life and leaves an emptiness that can’t be filled. The steps to recover are generally the same as grieving.

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Often during the recovery you begin to question yourself and your self-worth. Was I not good enough? Is there something I could have done to make things right? My biggest problem is the finality of it all – knowing you’ll never see that person again, never wake up to them again, and that there will no longer be a happily ever after. All your plans together for the future have dissolved into thin air.

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And if you still care for them it makes it even worse for the wear. It would be much easier to move on from someone you didn’t care so much for. But you do…

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So what happens now? How do you move on from here?

This is when you allow yourself some time to heal and work through that grieving process. It may seem hopeless but things will get better. They always do. You just glued your heart back together. Allow some time for the adhesive to set and the pieces to bond. Super glue doesn’t work instantly and neither will your heartbreak adhesive.

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