Monday, May 14, 2012

My Birthday Challenge

Back in February right after Random Acts of Kindness Week, I declared that I would devote my birthday to spreading seeds of kindness to others. This year I turned 36 years old so that’s 36 random acts.

I was initially inspired by the birthday mission of Becki (Whippy Cake) a few years ago and after a little Google searching for ideas I realized that these birthday projects are a growing trend. I found a wealth of information from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, The Bday Project, and Sweet Blessings. I compiled a list of ideas from these websites/blogs and set out on my mission.

I spread these acts over several days since my birthday was on a weekday when I would be at work. I also didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. I was too busy being sneaky and unseen. :-)

Here’s what I did:

1) Left a gift card + Pass It Forward card (#3168) from The Shine Project at Chick-fil-a

2) Donated to the postal service canned food drive (Bonus: my kitchen cabinets are cleaned and organized!)

3) Left quarters on game machines in Wal-Mart lobby

4) Purchased goodies for coworkers/breakroom at work

5) Made donation to Children's Miracle Network at Wal-Mart checkout

6) Wrangled stray shopping carts in parking lot

7) Left kind notes on parked cars

8) Left laundry detergent + Pass It Forward card (#3169) at laundromat

9) Left quarters + Pass It Forward card (#3170) on RAOK note on soda machine outside of Winn Dixie

10) Opened doors for other customers

11) Bought special treats for my pups

12) Left an encouraging card for a friend in need of a pick-me-up

13) Said "thank you" to others

14) Left coloring books + crayons for kids

15) Dropped a bag of tennis balls in backyard for my pup Bella who loves tennis balls. Inspired by this video that makes me crack up!

16) Left bottles of bubbles at park (8 pack).

17) Left a scratch-off lottery ticket for postal carrier + thank you note

After: Now I know my mailman's name!

18) Left sidewalk chalk + chalk note on playground for kids

19) Left lottery ticket + good luck note in a gas station restroom

20) Took treats to petting zoo

21) Shared treats with a family for the goats at petting zoo

22) Left Kind Over Matter "Love is all you need." posters at various locations

23) Donated gently used items/toys/clothing to Goodwill

24) Paid for car behind me in McDonald's drive-thru + Pass It Forward card #3171 given to the couple by the cashier. I giggled with happiness the whole way home!

25) Donation to Ronald McDonald Kids at drive-thru window

26) Picked up trash from parking lot

27) Made an extra Kiva donation

28) Made a donation to the Alice Hansen Family Fund after reading this story and was touched by the grief the husband, children, and family must be going through with their loss.

29) Anonymously ordered pizza to be delivered to local fire dept.

30) Left Pass It Forward card #3172 + change + note on Redbox machine for rental on me

31) Left quarters in candy machines

32) Let other drivers go ahead of me

33) Cleaned/organized my son's room for him

34) Sent a Mother's Day card to a deserving mom

35) Left a generous tip to server

36) Saved a couple baby frogs from being squished. Okay, so I was running out of ideas and funds. But I really did save them! :-)

I have to say, this has been the best birthday ever. Not for gifts I received for my birthday but the seeds of kindness I gave to others and the happiness I received doing these acts. Thanks for sharing this with me!


The car behind me at McDonald's who received Pass It Forward card #3171 paid it forward to the car behind them. Isn't that awesome?! I cried tears of joy reading their update on the card!

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. ~Aesop

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Kim Mailhot said...

Love love love yur list ! Great that many of them don't cost a penny either !
Hearts like your give me such hope, Beautiful Amanda ! Happy Birthday !