Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gently Led into the Red Tent

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I'm not sure how I managed to go all this time without ever reading The Red Tent, but I have. It's been recommended to me multiple times but I pushed it aside and moved on to other books. My guess is that I wasn't ready for it quite yet.

Have you read this book? The book is voiced from the perspective of Dinah from the Bible, the daughter of Jacob and Leah. I love hearing about the women's time in the red tent during the new moon. Why have I never heard of the concept of the red tent until now? Perhaps I had but overlooked it. They say, "The teacher will arrive when the student is ready." I completely agree.

Anyway, the women circled in the red tent during their womanly cycles. This is where they were nourished and loved, rested and restored. This is where they honored their histories, of those of the women who had gone before them, and those who would come after them. This is where they healed.

Why have we not continued this practice? Oh, how the women would be nurtured by this divinely feminine support. We NEED this. Inside of us, we have a hunger for this lost story, a story that we can choose to weave into our history. Let us be led into the shelter of the red tent, gently by our sisterhood, our tribe. We shall rejoice as our bodies sync with the repetition of life, as we gather wisdom of the women and place in our pockets for safekeeping.

Let us heal.


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