Monday, January 31, 2011

My Favorite Things

Katherine Center talks about making a Comfort List based on a character in her book, Get Lucky. Instead of a comfort list I thought I would make a favorite things list.

1)  Perusing Etsy for fabulous handmades.
2)  Homemade Lavender aromatherapy spray.
3)  Inspiring artists blogs.
4)  Taking e-courses.
5)  Stampington & Company mags.
6)  Reading books on my ipod Touch
7)  Artist Dates (The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron)
8)  A matinee movie with a friend. This weekend I saw No Strings Attached. It was good but I'd wait for DVD if you're on the fence about this one.
9)  Cupcakes!!! (My local cupcake shop - Sugar Crave)
10) Planning a trip to Kripalu with a friend.

What are some of your favorite things?

P.S. I took the flower picture this past weekend. It was a beautiful spring-like day yet I was still shocked to see flowers blooming. We've had one cold winter for Florida and this weekend was a nice break from it, albeit a tease. To my Northern friends, I wish you warmth as your cold weather isn't going to let up for a while. Have a good week all!

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