Thursday, January 13, 2011

What word chose you?

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With it being a brand new year there is much talk around the web about choosing a word to define your year. In a sense, you are setting an intention, a wish, of what you want to project for the year ahead. I’ve been so inspired by the various words chosen such as fearless, dream, wish, trust, grow, and connect. I thought so greatly about what my word for this year would be and started thinking “abundance” would be a great word to choose. Little did I know that my word had already chosen me. It was just waiting for ME to realize it! 

It did not merely whisper to me but practically screamed, “Open!!!!” Of course! “Open” is my word. It’s so simplistic yet has countless layers to it. Just like the layers of my life – personal, professional, creative, spiritual, etc. It certainly fits the intention I wish to release to the universe this year. I wish to be open to new opportunities, new dreams, and new adventures. I wish to be open to all the extraordinary gifts that may come my way as I allow myself to be receptive.

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