Friday, July 1, 2011

On the Web & My Inner Goddess

I've really enjoyed the BIG FEARLESS Painting Adventure with Dirty Footprints Studio and sad it's coming to a close this weekend. Here's a painting a did goofing off last night, it's what I look like inside:

Yes, I'm full of butterflies and multi-colored hair! What does your inner goddess look like?

I'll be off for my long weekend staycation with my son by the time you read this. Hopefully having a blast at the water park (with globs of sunscreen!) or shopping at the just-out-of-town vintage shops. Have a wonderful weekend!
This week's sweet reads and finds:

~ I love this Index Card a Day summer project from iHanna.
~ July's blog planner from Create as Folk is up.
~ Love this funky bathroom makeover at Gussy Sews.
~ 5 Tips for Developing a Creative Idea at Gussy Sews.
~ When You Have That Gobbly Gook Feeling Inside You from Dirty Footprints Studio.
~ High Level Planning on Scoutie Girl.
~ Debut of Wild Sister Magazine.
~ You Can't Force the Release from Your Courageous Life.
~ DIY Chalkboards at Going Home to Roost.
~ Gluten-free, vegan Cinnamon Streusel Apple Crunch Muffins from Oh She Glows.


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