Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello? Is anybody listening?

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I love this post, When Someone Deeply Listens from Unabashed Female. You know why? Because what Julie says about wanting to be deeply listened to resonates with me so deep in my heart and soul. That’s what I love about you guys (ladies) is that you take the time to listen to me no matter what I’m rambling on about that day. You listen deeply, you pay attention to me, and you allow me to be heard.

I don’t always get this in my everyday life. I get interrupted and talked over. I get asked questions but then you can tell they’re not listening to the answers. It makes you start to feel less than, as if what you have to say is not interesting or good enough. You know what? I have some pretty important things to say. I’m not going to let these few people who can’t make me a priority for a just a few minutes keep me from speaking my truth.

It’s all the more reason why I love the online blog community. You are my people. You allow me to hold the proverbial talking stick as we take turns passing it around the circle. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m so grateful for you!

 When someone deeply listens to you,
your bare feet are on the earth and
a beloved land that seemed distant
is now at home within you.
~John Fox

Lots of love,

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