Monday, April 16, 2012

Spout Seeds of Kindness

Sprout issue #6 is available. Guess what? I'm a contributor this month!

kindness = open heart, willing hands

Guests in this issue:
Liv Lane, Marcie Scudder, Lori Portka, Julia Fehrenbacher, Amy Oscar, Rachel Awes, Maureen Helms Blake, Deb Taylor, De Jackson, Amanda St.Clair, Kollen Harrison, Lynn McLean, Shauntelle Hamlett, Amelia Maness-Gilliland, Terri Stephens, Shanna Sandmoen

Thrive interview series: Amanda Oaks of Kind Over Matter

Community Garden: Julia Fehrenbacher, Rachel Awes, Lori Portka

Purchase your copy here.


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Robyn (RedDogGirl) said...

Congratulations! That is VERY exciting!