Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who Am I?

In the book Destined by P.C. and Kristin Cast, Aurox asks the question, “What am I?” The Priestess Thanatos states that her answer is the same no matter who asks the question. It is this:

“We decide what we are by the life choices we make. How we were made, who are parents are, where we are from, the color of our skin, who we choose to love, all those things do not define us. Our actions define us.”

If this is where you start to worry about mistakes you’ve made in the past, have no fear. She goes on to say:

“The past matters a great deal, especially when we don’t learn from it. But the future need not be dictated by the past.”

I love the words Thanatos spoke to put Aurox at ease about the reason he was created and the poor choices he’s made in the past. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them over and over like a stuck record – break the cycle. You can choose from this moment forward who you want to be.

We get to decide who we are and who we want to be.

This reminds me of a quote I have on the chalkboard in my dining room, “Everyday we decide who we will be by the actions we take.”

To answer the question, “Who am I?”

Only you can answer this question for yourself.


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