Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Beautiful Ripple Effect

I personally believe that each action we take creates a ripple effect of corresponding reactions. I feel that one good deed creates a response of one or more good deeds. On the flip side, one negative action creates one or more adverse reactions. In essence, if you leave a kind note for a friend (or stranger) that person is likely to pay it forward with an act of kindness for another person and so force. This creates a ripple effect in response to just one act of kindness!

I wish to be part of the change in this world - a change for the better, a change for good. This is the foremost motivation behind why I love to fulfill random acts of kindness projects (like the heART 108 series). I hope to inspire that person to express kindheartedness to another person, that person to the next, and that person to next... It only takes one. One person, one deed.

My question for you - What type of ripple do you want to create?

Always kindness. Always love.

Let's create an immense outpouring, a massive surge, a ginormous wave.

A beautiful ripple.

With love (always),

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