Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Declaration of You :: Week 2 :: Uniquity

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Ever since I was a small child and into adulthood I've felt like I was different from others. You could say I was a black sheep, lone ranger, or even an ugly duckling. It's only been the last couple years that I've stepped into my uniqueness and acknowledged my true self.

You see, all this time I thought there was something wrong with being unique. Doesn't everyone want to fit in? Not anymore. I would much rather claim my uniqueness than to fit into some mold. I don't have to be a copy of someone else when my own true self can shine brighter than a carbon copy.

In the story of the ugly duckling, the poor sweet duckling was an outcast and did not fit in with his family or community. It was when he later discovered that he was actually a swan that it all made sense. Of course he couldn't waddle like a duck or swim like a duck or look like a duck because he was not a duck! As a swan, he could be his amazingly awesome self, his true self, and everything made sense.

The moral of this story is: Why try to fit in as a duck when you were meant to stand out as a swan?

Be the swan.

Be your beautiful, marvelous, and unique self.

I can’t wait to be a part of The Declaration of You’s Facebook party this Friday at 9-9:30a PST/11-11:30a CST/12-12:30p EST. We’ll be chatting in real time about Uniquity over at Hope you can join us!


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joanne meller said...

Very well said...and isn't it a shame that we find out that we are beautiful swans so much later in life?

I guess that's just the process of growing up. I, too,have shared about uniquity on the tour. What fun!