Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Feather Angel Wings

I was so absorbed in making these that I forgot to take pics along the way for step outs. They're simple to make so I'll just type it out. LOL. I unfolded a cardboard box (Recycle!) drew one wing with pencil. I cut that wing out, flipped it over, placed it on top of the remaining cardboard, traced around it, and then cut that piece out. This way you have two identical angel wings! I painted a sloppy coat of white paint on the side that I would be coating with the feathers (in case any cardboard shows through) and around my edges. Once the paint is dry, lay out a few feathers (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby) to get an idea of how you want to place your feathers. I used a hot glue gun to secure my feathers basically only glueing one side of the feather so I could overlap them (sliding the next feather under the unglued portion of previous feather). Once I was happy with the feathers I added a coat of Glitter Blast (in diamond dust) because everything is better with glitter! I strung a few bells and glued to the backside and adhered the wings to my wall with double-sided tape over my fuchsia + turquoise Christmas vignette. Voila! 


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