Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 Word-of-the-Year

Each year I pick a word to set as my intention for the year. A word that will support me in living out my dreams and to guide me as I make my way through uncharted waters. Honestly, it's not me who picks the word but the other way around.

For 2012, my word was seek and at first it seemed that this word really didn't fit my year. After further reflection and heaps of journaling it seems that seek was right on the money. In the past year I have explored new interests not just in artistic endeavors but also in deepening my spirituality, trying new activities, joining new groups locally and online, trying new classes, and researching and reading in subjects that interest me. I got involved, put myself out there, and got out of the house more. I let go of a great deal of my need for perfection and in turn discovered that I've been missing out on the process in pursuit of the end product. The process really is where it's all at! 

In 2012, I sought tranquility in my home through organization, releasing the clutter, using safer cleaning products, and embracing simplicity. I sought peace within my heart by telling my story, what hurts the most, and speaking my truth. I set myself free by chucking the sensitive label out the door and embracing the gift of my sensitivity, label free. Seek.

My word for the coming year is full of so much possibility packed in two little words. For 2013, I wish to delve into self-care

While I packed my schedule with tons of art and activities in 2012 I noticed that I allowed very little time for self-care. I spend way too much time last year sick or recovering from one problem after another. In fact, while I type this I'm recovering from a yucky cold. I've had colds, respiratory infections, sinus issues (that let to a surgery), a routine endoscopy and colonoscopy (that turned into anything but routine), and then add insult to injury I had a piece of bone that had to be surgically removed from my mouth (leftover bone from wisdom teeth removed a good 15 years ago). I'm laughing not complaining because these were inconvenient (and some painful) but none were life-threatening. It is what it is. 

I digress... I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I want my good health back and I want my waistline back! I want energy and I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without (sounding like) I need a respirator! I want to wake up feeling well rested and I want the strength to open a jar of pickles! Why are you laughing? I seriously can't open a jar to save my life! LOL. Ok, maybe to save my life but not before then. :-D

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah.

This is the year I take care of myself mind, body, and spirit. 



Have you picked your 2013 word yet? Here are a few helpful resources to hone in on your word:

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Kristine said...

Love your idea of "Word of the Year" - Love yours, SEEK - (and you will find) ... Last year for me was CREATE - This year is SHINE - I have a new poetry/photography book coming out in the New Year (first published) - So I hope to shine a bit after a long journey ...
~Kristine from Boston, MA