Friday, October 19, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Good morning, lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and looking forward to a fantastic weekend. I wanted to touch base and fill you in on my latest happenings.

Let’s see…I finally finished going through my house decluttering and we had our yard sale last weekend. I made a little extra cash and got rid of stuff. Yea! I’m doing another sweep of my home to deep clean, remove any remaining clutter, and make sure my new organizational systems are working. This weekend I’ll be catching up on some art projects and tackling the to-do list, mostly yard work – trimming trees, raking, cleaning flower beds, and pressure washing. Doesn’t that sound exciting? No, not in the least but it has to be done.

I’m looking forward to an outdoor retreat with the Florida Trail next weekend. Lots of camping, hiking, and even zip lining. Yikes! I’m a little nervous about the zip line since I’ve never been one to enjoy heights (okay, so it’s really the falling) but I’m going to soothe my nerves and go for it. I’m sure once I get up there I’ll have a blast.

Lately I’ve been working through projects with the Brave Girls Club Art School as inspiration. I’ve made two letter bracelets and these clay pendants/paperweights/I’m not sure yet things. LOL. I found it quite relaxing to sit at my breakfast bar and craft with the clay. I went through my art supplies and pulled out a bunch of items that could be used with the clay for embedding, texture, or glued on after it baked. So much fun.

I’m also working through the daily prompts sent out by Hannah Marcotti for the 30-day Spirits of Joy. It’s nice to dive deep and deeper into my hopes and dreams for the future. Check it out and start where you are. It’s day 19 and I’m still working on day 6. *giggle* I see no need to rush and would rather sit with a prompt until I’m ready to move on to the next.

Evidently I’m a teenager trapped in a thirty-something body. I started reading the House of Night series from P.C. and Kristin Cast a few months ago. I finished the series up to book nine and was waiting for book ten (Hidden) to be released. It came out on Tuesday and I finished it by Wednesday afternoon. I’m such a nerd! I’ve also read The Immortals series by Alyson Noel and will start the Fallen series by Lauren Kate here soon. I wanted to finish Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck first. I’m doing a post at the end of the year or the beginning of 2013 with all the books I’ve read this year. I haven’t counted but I’d be interested in knowing just how many I’ve read in 2012.

I hope your weekend is filled with lots of art and relaxation!


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