Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday :: What treats do you wish for?

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Thanks for joining me for this week's Wishcasting Wednesday. If you'd like to join this magical circle of dreamers and doers, please visit Jamie Ridler Studios.

This week's prompt:

What treats do you wish for?

I am seriously slacking on my participation for Wishcasting Wednesday! This week Jamie asks, "Imagine the Universe is answering the door when you come to trick or treat! What do you wish she will put in your treat bag?"

Here goes:

* First, I would like this:

  But instead, I get this:

Ahh, it's not so bad. It's quite tasty, I must say. So there it is - I'm making a public declaration to keep myself accountable. I joined Jenny Craig on Monday afternoon and I'm determined to stick with it and ease myself into better health. Yea! So my first wish is that the Universe will deliver me a healthy and happy mind, body, and soul.

* Second, I wish for a winning lottery ticket or at least the winning numbers. LOL. Okay, realistically I wish to cut my expenditures on extras so that I can save more money and pay off debt. FYI Jenny Craig doesn't count as an extra but all those pre-Jenny Craig trips to Chick-fil-a do!

* I wish for the Universe to set me free of my inner critic and need to compare so that I can create art freely with abandon. Also, to find my own personal style.

* I wish to discover my north star, my calling, my purpose in life and to follow that path.

* I wish to find my soul mate.

* I wish to create a place of community with other like-minded women (and men) where we can build each other up and offer each other the support that we need. A place to belong and for others to belong.

* Finally, I wish for the Universe to deliver me a gift card for a spa package. A massage, mani, pedi, facial, hair, and makeover - the works. :-D

What treats do you wish for?


Tomorrow is November 1st which marks the start of Art Every Day Month. My post from 2011 AEDM are here.

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Happy Halloween!


Cindi Summerlin said...

Very good wishes! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

J.Melusine said...

May all your wishes come true (espescialy your spa day1)

As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you.