Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Living with Less: Less IS More

So I got this email this morning, you know the one, about if all the world’s population was proportional fit into a village it would consist of 100 people…a bunch of statistics…6 people of the 100 would possess 59% of the wealth and would all be from the U.S., 80 would like in poverty, 70 would be illiterate, 50 would suffer from hunger and malnutrition, 1 would own a computer, and only 1 would have a university degree. 

The whole slideshow is supposed to give you something to reflect on. We are lucky to be in good health, not directly in a war, we’re not starving or tortured, we can worship whatever way we choose without fear, we are clothed, fed, have a home and a place to sleep, we have education and money in the bank, and we have what are considered luxuries although we always want more, more, and more. Yet this email didn’t make me feel good – grateful, yes – good, no. Instead of thinking about all the blessings I have I was thinking about all that others lack. 

It makes me so sad to see how much STUFF we have while others are doing without the necessities. I’ve been working though my home for the last month to rid myself of some of the excess. How many knick-knacks do you really need? It feels good to let go of the clutter. By all means, I’m not living a minimalist life but I feel a whole lot happier with so much less disorder and clutter in my home. 

One of my fondest memories was my trip to India almost two years ago. Our group stayed in the village of Rishikesh for a good week or so. The families there have so little but are so joyful and filled with love. 

Is less really more

That was the impression I felt to my core. The families didn’t want my pity because they don’t have the latest gadget. They wanted to share their home, time, and heart with me. In their heart, where it counts, that’s where they were filled to the brim with abundance.


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