Monday, October 8, 2012

What I've Been Up To...

I hope everyone had a great weekend and for those that got today off from work for Columbus Day had a great long weekend! I needed the extra day off to recover from my weekend. :-D

I shared with you last week that I've been going though my home organizing and getting rid of the clutter (here). I spent the past week finishing up my kitchen and a couple more areas in my house. My final task was to clean out the garage and then move all the boxed up items into the garage to get ready for the group yard sale this coming up weekend. I finished that up of Sunday and my bestie came by today to pick up the boxes to take to her house (we're having the yard sale at her place). My home looks so much better and now you can actually tell that I have a two-car garage!

I was so excited to work on a little project for my spice cabinet and unfortunately it turned into an epic fail. Boo! I picked up some magnetic paint from Hobby Lobby and some magnetic containers from Bed Bath and Beyond to hold some spices. My intention was to coat the inside of the cabinet door with the paint to hold my spices and then use these cute little chalkboard labels on the containers.

I used Krylon magnetic spray paint and it didn't work. Fail. I then went to Walmart and picked up some Rust-oleum magnetic primer. The primer seemed to work so I topped it off white white paint to match my cabinets. After it was dry, I took off the painters tape that I used around the sides of the door and it pulled some of my paint off the front of the door. Double fail. Well, I need to repaint all my cabinets so I'll deal with that another weekend. I put the door up and placed a container on the door and it stuck. Yea! So I filled my containers and put everything back in my cabinets (I had already put down new shelf liner). I put stuck the containers to the door and shifted them around away from where the shelves would meet the door when it closes and then all the containers started sliding and falling off. Containers were banged up and spices were flung everywhere. Epic fail. I tried a little rearranging but the containers continued to slide off.

My conclusion is that the primer has enough force to attract magnets but not enough to hold up the containers. I'm gonna end up placing the containers on the side of my fridge which is nearby and sanding off the magnetic paint when I go to repaint all my cabinet doors. Bummer. Here's the pics anyway:

Here's a picture of my grains and pasta organized in mason jars with these labels:

Now, on to my art projects of late...So I saw the sweetest painted pumpkins on Brave Girls Club and thought they would be perfect for my porch. I picked up three faux pumpkins and painted them in turquoise and red to match my porch color scheme. I love how they turned out!

I finished my "All you need is love." canvas that I started last weekend. It's simple and antiqued and sweet. Just what I like.

This week I plan to continue my yard sale prep and work on some chipart/leather jewelry.

Have a wonderful week!


If you notice my weird Facebook picture on the right, I was playing with the Halloween gadgets on PicMonkey and made myself into a vampire. LOL.

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