Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tried and True Sweet Christmas Goodies

One of my favorite parts of Christmastime is making sweet goodies for loved ones. I have a couple tried and true recipes that I turn to each year that never fail to delight.

First is my homemade fudge with walnuts (+ a small portion without nuts), buckeye bars (which I think are even better than Reese's Cups!), and chocolate truffles (rich and melt in your mouth).

This recipe is so simple you can make it in a microwave, which I do. Before finding this recipe I tried and failed making fudge on the stovetop more times than I can count. I almost gave up until I tried this version in the microwave and BAM! Nailed it! Recipe for Fantasy Fudge from Kraft.

Some folks make buckeye balls but I prefer them in bar form. I don't even like peanut butter (yeah, I've heard it all before.) but I LOVE these bars! Recipe for Buckeye Bars.

I stumbled upon the truffle recipe in a Kraft Foods magazine several years ago. They are super easy to make but a bit messy. I've never tried to alter the recipe just the toppings or sometimes no toppings. I'm sure you could alter it and come up with some awesome versions but I like the simplicity of the recipe and the sweet creamy taste without no changes. I used chocolate sprinkles, red and green colored sugar crystals, and peppermint sugar crystals. Recipe for Chocolate Truffles.

This recipe is a newbie for me. I've made monkey bread before but this one kicks it up a notch. Cream cheese makes everything better! Recipe for Cream Cheese Monkey Bread.

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