Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Musings - Sharing Kindness

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If you haven’t read this post at Kind Over Matter where Kelly Rae Roberts was a guest, please stop by KOM and read it. 

Kelly Rae is such a beautiful spirit and discusses how she is not very good at feeling kindness when it is given.  I totally get what she’s saying! Over the years I’ve learned to accept compliments from others as opposed to brushing them off, “I love that shirt! It looks great on you!” to which I would reply, “Thanks but I think it makes me look fat.” And graduated to, “Oh thanks. That purse is awesome!” That would be deflection, my dear. I accepted the comment but exchanged the negativity for uncomfortableness to a compliment and then sent a compliment back to them. Is that really any better? I never really felt, like Kelly shared, the full happiness in my heart, the thankfulness deep in my soul. It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to allow their kindness to seep into you. It’s okay to accept a compliment as it is. 

Her post really resonated with me and allowed me an “aha!” moment that I just needed to share. (giggle) I guess I just needed to share the kindness! Have a great day and spend time with your sweeties today!

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