Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings - What lifts your spirits?

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Wow! Today is such a downer day. I wish I could pull myself out of this funk. I guess I have the Monday Blues. I’m going to stop at the local cupcake shop on my way home for a pick-me-up. I think a little “me” time and a soak in a Lush bath bomb filled tub is just what I need. I’ll start with a little bit of journaling in my art journal and maybe a bit of painting. A spritz of lavender room spray in my bedroom after my bath and off to the land of nod. I’ll be as good as new tomorrow. 

What do you do when you’re feeling down and need your spirits lifted?


Keepapi Creative said...

hot bath. with essential oils. watch a favourite comedy - naked guns, princess bride, strictly ballroom. phone a friend, Dance to a quick track. Go down the allotment. Have a camp fire in our kelly kettle & a cuppa. I wrote this comment once already but managed to loose it. Perhaps the universe is telling me to memorize it! Hope you are feeling happier. Jacs x

Amanda St.Clair said...

I love your list! Thanks for sharing!