Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Musings - You are enough!

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We women spend so much time criticizing ourselves and refusing to accept the compliments we receive from our dear ones. Why are we so quick to judge ourselves and view ourselves in a negative light? We are beautiful, confident, powerful women who deserve to recognize the beauty that radiates in us, from us, and around us.

You are a stunning beacon of light that reflects in your personality, your children, your artwork, your craft - from anything and everything you put out into the world. A piece of us is attached to all we create and we must honor that beauty and that magnificence.

Ladies, look in the mirror today and tell yourself, "I am enough!" and really, really believe it in the depths of your soul. You don't need to internally batter yourself with doubtful and negative self-talk. Let your light shine into the world and accept the truth that you are enough.

Soulful source of inspiration: I am enough a collaborative blog by Tracey Clark