Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings - Art Journals, *Free* Journaling Prompts

Art journal front cover.
I have to tell you - I love my art journal! You can find a little of everything in there. I've made pages for travel:

Journal Page from trip to India.
Journal page from trip to India including envelope holding 21-Day Gratitude Journal from Goddess Leonie.
Chicago journal page
 I've made pages for ecourses:

Journal page from the Nostalgic Musings ecourse.
I've made style pages:

Style page featuring pics from Alisa Burke's embellished socks tutorial.
 I've made pages for books/movies:

Eat Pray Love journal page.
 I've made pages for colors that I'm inspired by at that moment:

"Pink" journal page
 I've even made a page for the gift I'm sharing with you today:

"Dreams" journal prompts page
Since I love my journal so much I want to share this *free* gift of journaling prompts with you. I was painting Friday night and thinking about the many dreams I have and this sparked the idea of creating journaling prompts to share. Let me know if you like them and I'll create more.

Click image to download.


Paper Relics said...

I really love the way you use color in your spreads - wonderful!

Keepapi Creative said...

Yep Amanda, I love it! I wish my handwriting was so beautiful. Oh darn it, there's those darned comparisons again! So yes, it is lovely & I have downloaded it. Thankyou! hugs Jacs x

christy said...

thank you for sharing and inspiring beautiful! so juicy! i love my journal doodles but would really love to add some jazzy colour, paint, collage as you have!!!