Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This much I know is true...

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This much I know is true…

- You can never take back words spoken in anger
- No one will look out for you more than yourself
- Love shouldn’t hurt, if it does it’s not truly love
- Instead of worrying about the glitter in another's eye, you should deal with the glitter in your own
- You can never keep up with The Jones’
- Eating to numb the pain only works temporarily (and leaves you with a tummy ache)
- Two wrongs will never equal a right
- Your inability to forgive hurts you more than the other person
- You are your own worst enemy
- Family doesn’t have to be by blood
- It is what it is, worrying will not change the circumstances
- People do not change, they evolve (i.e. – you can’t make a person change but over time a person can evolve and grow into a better version of themselves)
- Revenge only feels good for a moment until the guilt kicks in, karma is always a better option
- Times of solitude is vital for mental health
- Needing your partner sets you up for failure, wanting to be with them is a healthier relationship
- It’s never too late
- You’re never too old
- Never be afraid to do things on your own – put on your brave girl panties
- Pay it forward
- You have no idea what others may be dealing with in their private lives
- A kind word can make all the difference to a person in despair
- To judge is to be judged
- The first step is always the hardest
- You find out how much gossip hurts when you’re on the other end
- The bravest thing you can do is to know your own self-worth
- It’s okay to take the road less traveled
- It will get better


Kim Mailhot said...

You know some good stuff, Amanda !
I adore this list.
In fact, I needed this list very much this morning.
I thank you and the Universe working through you for it !
Light and love surround you, Beautiful One.

Alisha said...

This is good.

Anonymous said...

This is terrific. Hits right on the mark. I love it! Thank you so much for writing it.

starsunflower said...

Awww... Beautiful thing to read. Thanks for brightening up my day! <3

Joy said...

*Love* this! Thank you for your reflections upon truth:)

LadyCat said...

This is a great list. Good advice from the heart : )

Bonita Rose said...

beautiful post.. i agree with every one. xo hugs