Friday, June 10, 2011

On the Web

Thank goodness I found a little time for creativity this week. I finished this cutie, just breathe.

And had time for one of my favorite things, doodling.

I hope you like this week's web findings!

~ Yarn Bombing on Handmadeology - how awesome!

~ I thought this World of 100 post was interesting and enlightening.

~ I love this collection of Positive Printables shared by Kind Over Matter.

~ The TomKat Studio designed these Father's Day cards for HGTV.

~ WishStudio shared this post on What Nourishes You (by Kate Swoboda). I love the idea of listening to what you like and what your body needs as opposed to what magazines, newspapers, and the whole media gamut tell you to eat.

~ I love this Kind Over Matter guest post, A Deep & Reverent Kindness about longing for a kind touch.

~ Great post on adapting to transitions in your life on Create As Folk.

~ Please pass me one of these pink lemonade cupcakes from The TomKat Studio!

~ I love this cork board embellished with vintage sewing spools.

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!



Kim Mailhot said...

Happy Friday, Amanda.
I hope the weekend provides for time doing things you love.
Light and love !

BahamaDawn said...

Hi Amanda! love your new piece and your doodles!! have a great weekend!