Sunday, November 11, 2012

AEDM :: Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 of Art Every Day Month!
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Today's creation was inspired by this Pinterest image. This is my version of a scrappy mobile using a bare lampshade. I kept going back and forth between making a scrappy shade or making a butterfly lampshade so I made both! 

Ideally I would have loved to use a vintage shade but in my thrift scouring last weekend I failed to locate one. Instead I purchased the small one for cheap at Walmart and the larger at the dollar store. It slightly felt wrong to cut and remove the fabric but I love how it turned out so I forgive myself for the destruction. The fabric was purchased from Hobby Lobby. Some of it was leftover from my Shabby Chic Knotted Fabric Valance

For the larger shade: 
I cut thin strips of fabric and then randomly tied each strip to the lampshade frame knotting on each end working a section of the frame at a time. When I moved to the next section I overlapped the knots on each wire, in other words, I knotted a strip, moved the knot from the previous section up, knotted the next from the new section, slipped the next knot up from the previous section (every other). This way they stack nicely on the wires. After all the strips of fabric were in place I went back through to make sure they were tightly knotted and then cut off the excess "tails".

For the smaller shade:
I wrapped leftover strips of fabric around the lampshade using Mod Podge to secure the ends. I applied a topcoat of the Mod Podge to stiffen and protect the fabric. I did this the same way as the bird mobile I made last year with embroidery hoops and foam shapes expect that time I dipped the fabric in the bottle. That really wasn't a good idea because when I reached the bottom of the container it was full of strings of fabric. :-) Whoops! Anyway, after all the exposed frame was covered with the fabric I hot glued feather butterflies (also from Hobby Lobby) to the fabric.

Assembling the mobile:
Using twine, I double knotted one end in the middle of the frame of the smaller shade and did the same attaching to the larger shade. I added a drop of hot glue to the knots to further secure. I added twine to the top of the larger shade to hang and made a loop at the top to hang from a ceiling hook. Randomly hot glue feather butterflies to the twine.


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