Monday, April 8, 2013

Animal Teachings

I've been simply fascinated by elephants lately and it stems from my recent "aha!" moment. 

I was trying to discover my spirit animal which let me to searching with my mind's eye of past memories of animal encounters. Then I tried to recall brief obsessions with particular animals but it continued to elude me. I let it go and figured it would let me know when I'm ready. Several weeks go by and I'm a few days into Spirits of Joy and one of the prompts was a "blank square" in which you basically choose your own journal prompt for that day. I had several images from magazines that had been calling out to me all week but they didn't seem to fit in with any of the prompts up to this point. So I decided to use these random items as my collage for that day and posted a picture in the private Facebook group stating as much. Lo and behold, the instructor, sweet Hannah, commenting on one of the pictures in my collage to the effect of that perhaps it was my totem. I should explain here that the picture is a lady hugging a magnificent elephant. 

Holy crap! I was stunned. Yes, the elephant is my spirit animal! How could I not have seen this. Suddenly all the memories flooded back to me in which the elephant played a staring roll. I pulled out a book I'd been flipping through, Animal Teachings, and read about the elephant. Here's an excerpt:

Strong, dignified, and intelligent, Elephant is an ancient symbol of royalty, wisdom, and the warrior spirit. Elephant feels deeply and responds to life with attuned inner knowing.

Yes! So here are a few unfinished elephant sketches I've been working on since then:

And a little reminder:

The elephant is such a beautiful and majestic creature that I'm proud to call my animal totem.


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