Thursday, September 22, 2011

15 Mood Boosters

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Try one of these tips when you need to boost your mood:

1)  Giggle with a girlfriend

2)  Snuggle with a furry friend

3)  Take a long walk in the fresh air

4)  Practice a random act of kindness

5)  Write a love letter

6)  Reconnect with an old friend

7)  Pen a poem

8)  Have a dance party with your fave tunes

9)  Get crafty

10) Go bookstore browsing

11) Treat yourself to a sweet indulgence (dark chocolate)

12) Take a moment of silence to focus on your breath

13) Host a movie night with your pals

14) Savor a cup of hot herbal tea

15) Tap into the power of scent with uplifting aromatherapy (lemon, bergamot, orange,  grapefruit, and/or lavender)

What tips can you share to bust the blues?

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