Sunday, September 18, 2011

TCC - Travel Day (Wednesday)

(Part 2, 3, & 4.)

I had the most AMAZING time at The Creative Connection in St. Paul, MN! I'm going to break each day into a separate post because there's so much to share and show you!

I arrived to Minneapolis / St. Paul on Wednesday, checked into my hotel and went exploring St. Paul. Charles Schultz of the Peanuts comic strip was born in Minneapolis and spend the early part of his life in St. Paul. It's evident by St. Paul's multiple locations of statues from the Peanuts gang.
Charlie Brown & Snoopy (all statues from Trivoli Too)
Sally & Linus
Schroeder & Lucy

I came across this walking map, Start Seeing Art, of public art in the Twin Cities and checked out a few of the outdoor exhibits.
The Source by Alonzo Hauser
My wanderings sent me to the Grand Avenue area which had various vintage-type shops. A sweet little artsy community. Here are some random sidewalk and wall graffiti that grabbed my attention.

I stopped in a Aria Tea Bar and had my first "bubble tea." I had a taro milk tea (tea leaf blended with non-dairy creamer) and it was sooooo good. If you're not familiar with bubble tea (also known as boba), which I was not, they add these tapioca starch spheres ("pearls") to the tea blend and they turn jelly-like. Interesting drink and oh so tasty.

I also checked out the Delightful 3: A Pop-up Gallery art exhibit by Jennifer Davis & Amy Rice (beautiful!) before crashing out with exhaustion and excitement.

More tomorrow!

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Janet said...

Amanda! How nice that you had time to explore! I should have allowed a play day on either side! I'll remember that next time!