Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TCC - Day 2 (Friday)

(Part 1, 2, & 4)

Are you enjoying my TCC posts?

The TCC Handmade classes started on Friday. I was scheduled to take Laurie Meseroll's The Poetic Painter class but unfortunately she was unable to make it and our class got cancelled. Fate brought me to the class of Jenny Holiday and Aaron Nieradka from Everyday is a Holiday, Hooray for Cake. What a blessing to spend the morning with them! 

Here's our class working on our canvases. 

This is Jenny and Aaron's sweet display in the classroom.

This is my piece:

I have to say, Jenny is such a cutie and rocked that pink hair! 

The keynote luncheon featured BlogHer cofounders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins as the guest speakers. Of course there was fabulous table decorations and more gifts!

And featured a lovely Brave Girls Club inspirational bookmark.

And a sweet little journal from Art is You.

Can't forget the carrot cake!

Elisa and Jory talked about social media as a solar system with your blog being the sun and other forms of media like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr being the planets. 

After lunch they opened up the TCC Market Place. I snapped these shots of  Tinsel Trading's vintage-inspired booth.

After lunch was the Brave Girl Soulbook with Melody Ross where I met the most amazing group of women. We had such a blast creating our soulbooks. I didn't have enough time to finish it so I'll post a pic in a later post.

My packet had, "love deeply" on it and I just happened to have a heart stamped on my hand from the market place.

Here is a picture of Provo Craft's booth and the flower clip I made with their Cricut.

The evening autograph cocktail party was the highlight of my week. I met Holly Becker who signed a copy of her book, Decorate for me.

I met the sweetie that I call "my mentor from a distance" Kelly Rae Roberts! I brought my copy of her book, Taking Flight all the way to MN for her to sign.

I met Tim Holtz.

And Traci Bautista.

I also met Susan Branch and Becky Higgins but I can't seem to find those pics on my iphone. There were many more artists, crafters, and authors but I was exhausted at this point and called it a night. I must have been really tired because I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful buffet spread!

Tomorrow I'll share the final day of TCC before I traveled back home.



Anonymous said...

Very nice, Amanda! Makes me feel like I'm there again!

Jenny Holiday said...

Hi Amanda!! It was so so lovely meeting you! :) Hooray for Cake! and Hooray for you ending up in our clss! :) We loved your collage!!

What an amazing time we all had!! How lucky we are to be a part of such an amazing community! :)

Happy Fall!
xo Jenny...and Aaron