Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to destroy a friendship (and other meaningful relationships)

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~ Stop telling each other secrets.
~ Not let them know they are appreciated.
~ Forget to call them back.
~ Have a deep discuss…by email.
~ Forget their birthday.
~ Keep a list of all their mistakes.
~ Blame each other.
~ Never offer a compliment.
~ Never make them a priority.
~ Cancel plans at the last minute…every week.
~ Or just not show up.
~ Keep them all to yourself.
~ Berate their ideas, dreams, and goals.
~ Coerce others to take your side.
~ Give them an ultimatum.
~ Try to change them.
~ Take each other for granted.

Be grateful for the caring and loving people in your life and don't hesitate in letting them know how you feel. Words spoken in anger cannot be taken back and the wounds take years to heal. Love one another. <3

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