Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Vignette

I decided to create a little Valentine's vignette at the entryway of my living room. I didn't want anything over the top and I wanted to use supplies I have on-hand.

The lighting in this area is rough and I should have been nice and turned off the t.v. for you. :-D

My love of banners led me to make three of them. The love banner on top is from The TomKat Studio printed on cardstock, cut out, and glued to ribbon. The u r loved banner is from Whisker Graphics on cardstock and laced on red and white bakers twine. The heart banner on bottom is cut cardstock hearts glued to bakers twine.

The framed print in the center is from my art room/home office that I printed last year from Becky Higgins. The pictures on each side were created from a couple sheets of Fancy Pants scrapbook paper from the Love Birds collection that I've been holding onto. I cut the images from the paper and mod podged onto small canvases after painting the sides of each canvas. Once dry I used sandpaper to smooth out and Distress Ink to age them.

The glitter jars were ideas from A Beautiful Mess and Tatertots and Jello tutorials. I thought it would be easier to glitter the outside instead of the inside of the jars, especially since I recycled a couple small mouth jars. The pink one was created by cutting a large heart from vinyl, clinging it onto the canning jar, mod podging then glittering the jar, and removing the heart cling once dry.

I recycled a jam jar for the red one, used a paintbrush to apply mod podge in heart shapes, and used silver glitter on the hearts. Once dry, I mod podged and glittered the rest of the jar in red glitter. The silver glitter jar was created just like the pink one but onto a Starbuck's cappuccino bottle.

Goes to show that even with a small budget a sweet little holiday area can be created!


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