Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 1 :: New Year's Organizing Revolution

One of my New Year's resolutions intentions is to get organized in my life and home in 2013. I started  decluttering my home a few months ago but it seems to be a continuous task to stay on top of things. This week's challenge for the New Year's Organizing Revolution at Clean Mama is the home office or desk area. This would be my spare bedroom which I call my home office / art studio but really should be called my dumping ground for the land of homeless items. I'm almost embarrassed to show these pictures except I'm so pleased with my after pictures that it's worth the abashment.

This before picture is when you first walk into the room:

This is my art desk area:

Here is my relaxation / meditation / reading area but it generally where items get dumped:

My home office area:

My bookshelves:

*drumroll please*

Here are my after pictures:

Look! I found my desk under all the art supplies!

FYI - Here's the link to the DIY shabby chic knotted valance.

I organized my shipping area, created a spot for working on jewelry and chip art, and found room for my laptop:

I purged my books (to donate), got rid of the unused computer (also to donate), and organized the canvases:

I am so very happy with this space now. It feels much more spacious and is nice and clean. It was worth all the hard work the last couple days.

I'm linking to Clean Mama's Organizing Revolution.



April Cole said...

Love the before & after photos... great job. :]
Happy New Year!! ~xx

Becky Barnfather said...

WOW! You did great! You had a big area to tackle. I love your Elfa shelving - that's Elfa right? It looks great!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun