Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 4 :: New Year's Organizing Revolution

Welcome back for the final week of the New Year's Organizing Revolution. This week's area is the family room/living room. Let me warn you that this post will be picture overload because I kicked caboose cleaning up my living room! LOL. I'm even gonna start with before and after comparisons just to show what a big difference a little elbow grease and mostly items I already had can make.

Wow, huh? Okay, now let me walk you through the room. This is the right wall when you walk into the room (from the entrance) which houses my (rarely used) fireplace and (used too often) television. This wall is probably why I bought the house because I love the stone and wood slates. You can see that I have a big piece of gym equipment in here (also rarely used). 

The tower on the left holds some of my knick-knacks including a few treasures I collected from my trip to India a couple years ago.

The tower on the right holds some electronic equipment, Wii games in the basket, and some school pictures of my adorable son. There's more workout equipment collecting dust in the corner.

Here's my big ol' comfy sectional sofa (more comfortable than my bed!) hidden under all the STUFF. The doorway in the background leads to a hall closet (jackets and board games), front door, and the door to the garage. 

This area is my workhorse. This is where I usually sit (to the right), charge my laptop, watch t.v., and work on blog posts and such.

More stuff. This pile includes items I'm working on, Christmas presents (so sad), an Anthropologie bag that's been sitting here since the beginning of December, and art supplies (in the box).

This is the entrance. The wreath (on the door to the garage) is the one that was on my front door until I made the DIY Picture Frame Wreath. I like this mirror but it's not substantial enough for this wall. The mirror leaning against the table is one I'd been drooling over at Hobby Lobby. I snagged it up before Christmas for half off and it's been sitting here since.

The mini buntings were my Valentine's decorations from last year but I like them so much that I left them up. LOL. I bought the two door handles (laying on the table) a while ago to hang on the wall but have yet to do it.

And here are all my after pictures:

I dusted, moved items around, and got rid of a few items.

I found this frame at Hobby Lobby on clearance and added a picture of me and my son when he was a baby. I found this Buddha on clearance at HomeGoods. The singing bowl and cymbals were trinkets from India.

I hung up one of my mixed media canvases (Be Gentle With Yourself Dear One), dusted, and organized the shelves. The exercise equipment was wiped down and contained in a wicker basket. The Total Gym was slid into my dining room on the side that's not used. The t.v. and fireplace areas were are cleaned and dusted. (DIY Scrappy Mobile on left and bird mobile on right)

I got rid of the trash on the end table and left only the items I use often. The pens and pencils were placed in a cup and the manicure items were placed in a wicker basket (under the table). The window was cleaned and one of the pulls on the blinds was repaired.

The sofa was vacuumed and steamed cleaned as were the area rug (and the rugs and runners throughout the house). All the items found a home and I removed all Bella's tennis balls that were lost under the sofa. That's Bella lounging on the sofa with her favorite Kong toy.

The mini buntings from the mirror were strung onto this wreath I picked up from Michaels.

I changed out the pictures on the wall with a few canvases I made (angel 1, angel 2, and doodle flowers) and the door handles that were laying on the table. The two canvas to the left are transfers of photos from my India trip (DIY Distressed Photo Canvas).

I hung my All you need is love canvas, a (free) heart print from Landee See Landee Do (printed at Office Depot), a (free) Be True print from Printable Decor (printed at Office Depot and I mounted on a canvas with Mod Podge), and a (free) Love One Another print from Becky Higgins that was on the table but I mounted a hanger to the back of the frame.

I added a branch from my backyard into this planter and hot glued little birdies onto the branch. Cute!

I hung the new mirror and purchased this sweet tin sign from Hobby Lobby that says, "She lived happily ever after."

I collaged scrapbook paper onto these wooden words.

I found this glass container on clearance at Michaels and added a few of my gorgeous crystals.

I added my Take What You Need Clay Hearts.

And a new frame from Hobby Lobby for a picture of my son.

The wicker basket holds dog toys. Mostly the tennis balls I cleaned out from under the sofa. :-)

These pictures on the wall that you face when you enter the room were cleaned and dusted.

That's all folks! I'm linking to Clean Mama for Week 4.

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