Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 2 :: New Year's Organizing Revolution

Welcome back for Week 2 of the New Year's Organizing Revolution. This week the area selected for organizing is the kitchen. I had a head start on this because I spent my New Year's repainting my kitchen cabinets but unfortunately I forgot to take before and after pictures. The paint was chipped and scuffed mostly along the bottom cabinets.

My kitchen wasn't in too bad of shape because I spent the end of September and early October going through each cabinet, removing the items, wiping down the shelves, adding new cabinet liners, putting the items I use back in, and selling the unused items in a yard sale. I also went through the drawers and added some pretty scrapbook paper and organized my spice cabinet. So this week was mostly spent straightening up those drawers and cabinets, clearing the countertop of projects and stuff, and organizing my laundry room. I also included my dining room since the majority of my Christmas decorations were in there and needed to be taken down.

My before pictures starting with the left side of my dining room:

And the right side:

In my dining room leading into the kitchen:

The right side of my kitchen:

And the left side:

Here are my after pictures starting with the dining room on the left side:

And the right side:

Tasks in the dining room:
- Packed and stored the Christmas decorations
- Put away the clean clothes
- Dusted
- Polished the furniture
- Vacuumed and mopped the floors

Kitchen on the right:

Kitchen on the left:

- Painted the cabinets
- Added Command hooks to hang purse and apron
- Completed art/craft projects
- Put away clean dishes
- Cleared countertops (found a home for each item, trash, and donated)
- Cleaned microwave
- Wiped down countertops
- Cleaned stovetop
- Wiped down appliances
- Cleared inside fridge
- Cleaned window and ledge
- Hand scrubbed floor
- Scrubbed and polished sink

I'm looking for new pet dishes on a stand to make my girl's eating area neater:

My laundry room is in my kitchen (behind the by-fold doors) so I knocked that out too except I failed to get before pics.

- Organized supplies
- Made new batch of laundry detergent and fabric softener
- Made new labels for baskets (the stamps have nothing to do with cleaning but they are so cute!)
- Wiped down washer and dryer

I'm linking to Clean Mama for Week 2.


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hsmominmo said...

Great Job, Cute Kitchen - and I love those stools!! the bins in your laundry area a terrific!