Friday, February 1, 2013

She Rises Series :: January

It all started early one morning in December. I had a rough night emotionally and was trying so hard to find the bright side of a new day. On Facebook I posted, "She rises with hopes of a better day." There, I placed my heartache aside and faced the day with a brighter outlook. The hurt didn't go away but I chose to set an intention to not focus on the hurt and look for the silver lining.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and the start of a new year. I still carried that hopefulness with me and decided that I would set an intention each day and document it in a journal. The journal of my choosing was a 1952 The World Almanac that I picked up from a vintage shop on one of my scavenger hunts. The pages need not be extravagant or take up much time. I can skip a day if necessary or do several pages in one day. My only rule is that I be gentle with myself.

She rises...

She rises with a swing in her step.

...with a trusting heart.

...with a flutter of her wings.

...with a full heart.

...with the best of intentions.

...with a commitment of self-love.

...brave and strong.

...praising Him. a bright, colorful world.

...embracing her softness.

...seeking peaceful nature. a celebrating mood. full bloom.

And blossoms.

...with love.

...full of grace. Thank you creator for this day.

...and believes in the beauty of her dreams.

...Hello you who fills me with joy. I am ready.

...with a full heart.

This is the day I make a commitment to me to LOVE myself wholeheartedly.

"Good morning, world." she sings.

...with hope.


Robyn (RedDogGirl) said...

I absolutely ADORE this!! What an excellent book find - and amazing, uplifting and courageous content! You are an amazing woman on an incredible journey!

Kim Mailhot said...

What a beautiful gift to yourself ! Creating such an inspiring document. I love that you made the rule to be gentle with yourself through the process. It is what so many of us need.
Sending love and light your way !