Monday, February 11, 2013


I’m been thinking about how we call it self-care when we spend time taking care of ourselves with journaling, bubble baths, and walks on the beach, but what it really should be called is soul-care. Essentially, that’s what we’re doing, soothing and pampering our soul – our spirit, essence, heart, core, center, foundation. Isn’t that where the real work should take place?

I declared this as my year of self-care. I’ve been back on track with my eating (thanks to Jenny Craig) for two weeks now. I gave up my love/addition to Coke (soda) almost two weeks ago in which the first few days were ugly, to say the least. I severed the ties to my reliance on fast food of at least fifty percent of my weekly meal source, now to zero percent. I’m getting a little more energy to start adding movement into my daily life. I’m learning how to hoola hoop and for this uncoordinated animal it is quite the challenge! Water consumption is high on my priority list. I’m finding that the more I drink the more I crave.

I’m turning to self-care methods, for a change, instead of food to comfort me. I’ve taken more baths lately than I have in a long time. My favorite is the addition of EO Nighty Nite bath salts to my bath water. I add “make art” to my schedule because I know that I need it now more than ever.

I’m ecstatic about the changes I’ve begun to make but what I’ve really noticed is that while I’m taking care of me it’s my soul that reaping the biggest rewards. I feel more whole and complete, more like me. The innermost core of my being is relishing in the much needed care I’m receiving. This is what it feels like for my heart to sing. This is what it means to love yourself. This is how you make you the number one priority in your life. Why has it taken me so long to get this?  

I know I have a tough road ahead of me. There will be times that I will struggle and times I will fall but I’m committed to getting back up each time and continuing this path. xoxo


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