Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I've Been Up To

self-gifted carnations
Hello, sweet peas! I’ve been busier than usual lately taking a couple online classes while keeping up with my household responsibilities. For years I’ve wanted to take a class from Flora Bowley and, while I would love to attend in person, I’m thankful for the opportunity to take her online course Bloom True. I love that we start from a blank canvas with absolutely no intentions of what the final product will be. This is only the second week so I have no idea as to what my canvases will evolve to. This is such a different process to me and one that my soul has desired for so long but the letting go and trusting my intuition seemed too high of a mountain to climb. 

The following are just a couple starting layers but I really wanted to show you the area I set up for myself to paint in. I rolled one of my supply carts out of the way and nailed a canvas drop cloth (from the hardware store) to the wall and let the excess drape across the floor protecting it and the wall from paint splatters. I painted a few of my intentions on the canvas as gentle reminders to let go and have fun.
a blindfolded painting exercise.
snippet of a painting
I’m also taking Mondo Beyondo which has been on my list for a while and Brave Girls Club Art School Wings Sessions. I should also mention that I completed Creative JumpStart Summit and attended a few various webinars.

Busy, busy! This past weekend I escaped the raking and bagging of pine straw in my backyard (11 bags!) for a bit to go to a gem and mineral show. Here are a few of the goodies I brought home with me:

I added a few new lovely crystals of amethyst, kyanite, apache tear obsidian, rose quartz, a gorgeous selenite tower, and a few pieces of sea glass to my home.

This is a super secret project I'm working on and will share with you soon!

This is a sweet girl from my art journal:

And a birdie couple (from Brave Girls Art School) in progress in my art journal:

Have a wonderful week!


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