Wednesday, May 8, 2013

She Dreams.

As a child I enjoyed my own company over the companionship of others. When alone, I was free to allow my mind to gently wander to faraway destinations. I could be the princess trapped in the tower waiting for Prince Charming to slay the dragon and rescue her. I could be the rescuer of abused and neglected animals who found sanctuary in my well-maintained farm. I could be an Egyptian beauty, Bollywood royalty, or an admired actress. I often lived in my own head as I weaved dreamy stories of make-believe.

When did this dreaming cease to inspire me? I assume it was when I deduced that dreams are not reality and therefore hold no merit in real life. They were just stories - daydreams, fantasies, make-believe, nothing about them was even remotely tangible. Useless.

I allowed my need to conform to society's standard take precedence over my dream affinity. One would pull while I pushed the other. Fast forward to many moons later and the awareness slips over me as to the abundant value of dreaming. Now the truth is so blatantly clear.

Dreams are essential to manifesting a beautiful life.

By throwing a rug over a significant part of me, I was denying myself the possibility of any of these dreams coming true. I was concealing a vital part of who I am. My makeup, my nature, my being. I was
consequently preventing my musings from ever taking flight. Not to say that I would ever be a princess in a tower but my limiting beliefs were preventing more realistic visions to emerge, take shape, and come into fruition.

My renewed faith in vision work is opening new doors that I never could have imagined possible. I CAN start my own business. I CAN travel the world. I CAN {fill in the blank}. Nothing is preventing me from achieving these goals but me. I've decided to get out of my own way and let the dreaming begin.

I dream of running through a field of wildflowers. I'm laughing, dancing, and filled with joy.
I dream of gathering my tribe of sacred souls, a woven kinship of blessed women. I imagine it to feel like home.
I dream of nomadic wandering, discovering distant lands while spreading love sweet love.
I dream of rising with the sun and bowing to her glory. Good morning, beautiful day. I am here.
I dream of witnessing her set at dusk. Until we meet again, we agree.
I dream of crashing waves washing over me. Letting it all wash away. Renewed.
I dream of freedom. I dream of purpose. I dream of love.
I dream.



Carrie Hensley said...

I can completely relate to your story. I love your description of gathering your tribe. To me, it feels like a sacred knowing shared between an ancient group of women that have circled for many years. Gives me chills. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability!

Misty said...

As a fellow dreamer, I relate. Thank you for being bold and dreaming big. Thank you for reminding us that we are the only ones who get in our own way. Cheers to dancing! Cheers to love sweet love :)

Natalia Chouklina said...


I loved this so much. I too dreamed of being a princess. I also preferred my own company to company of others. I'm so glad that you can now see that dreaming is essential to living an amazing life. And you can, you absolutely can do everything you want. And, I'd say that you can be a princess because you already are. Dream BIG!